Tips to treat summer skin problems

It’s almost end of April, the Indian summer is about to take full onslaught on your skin. While almost everyone has also geared up for the toughest part of the year by putting on sunscreen lotion, wearing a protective face mask, hand gloves, etc. All these things are necessary but not enough. Harsh UV rays combined with ever-growing pollution in cities cause immense damage to your skin. Following are some of the skin problems that break out during summer.

Acne Breakout:

Acne problem erupts when your skin pores are clogged. The reason for this is when sweat mixes with bacteria and oils on your skin and accumulates on your skin. This often affects people with acne-prone skin. Simple ways to treat acne are:

  • Regularly wash your face or blot sweat from your skin with a clean towel or cloth. Wiping sweat off can irritate your skin, which can lead to a breakout.
  • When you go out, the sweaty clothes, headbands, handkerchief, hats, etc get dirty. Do not reuse your clothes without washing them.
  • Use oil-free products on your face.


Summer also invite fun-loving water sports activity, here you get high chances of getting sunburn as your skin is exposed to UV rays. This can spoil summer fun and increase your risk of skin cancer. Simple ways to prevent sunburned skin:

  • Always seek shade.
  • Always wear sun protecting hat, sunglasses, long sleeves, and pants when possible.
  • Apply sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30+, and water resistance.

Prickly heat (or heat rash):

When the sweat glands get blocked skin rashes appear. As the sweat cannot flow out, it builds under your skin causing a rash and tiny, itchy lumps. When these lumps burst and release sweat, many people feel a prickly sensation on their skin. 


There is no expertise needed for the solution of this problem. The simple solution is to stop sweating profusely which will help reduce your risk. Following are some of the expert tips by a dermatologist.

  • Try wearing light, loose-fitting clothes made of cotton as much as possible.
  • Go for outdoor exercise during the coolest parts of the day or just continue your exercises indoors where you can be in air-conditioning.
  • Try to keep your skin cool by using fans, cool showers, and air-conditioning when possible.

Dry skin:

When ambient air is hot and humid, you can get have dry irritated skin. The main reasons are exposure in the sun, pool, and air-conditioning. If your skin starts to feel dry and irritated despite the humidity, try these tips:

  • After getting out of pool, shower, and shampoo immediately. Bath with fresh and clean water. Use mild cleanser or body wash.
  • Apply sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30+, and water resistance.
  • Go for warm rather than hot water showers.
  • Use a fragrance-free moisturizer after every shower and bath. Apply moisturizer within 5 minutes of the shower; it keeps your skin moist.

These tips are easy to follow and can prevent the above skin problems. We wish you a happy summer and enjoy the beautiful season of the year.



If a particular problem worsens you should immediately consult a dermatologist.

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