Why should you care about your skin?

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My name is Joshna and I from Nashik, Maharashtra. I am a beautician by profession and I own a chain of beauty Parlors in Nashik. I am in this industry from last 18 years and have completed various courses related to my occupation. Apart from this I also work as a consultant for skincare issues and healthy diet.

Why are good looks important?

Every person in the world wants to look good because it’s a sign of healthy and prosperous life. Now a day’s specific roles in every organization require good looks and glowing skin. It plays a silent impact on the stakeholders. Therefore, in various interactive roles like office reception, air hostess, etc intelligent and beautiful women or handsome men are preferred to generate more business. Generally, I come across various queries; however one query remains common,

How can skin remain natural?

My advice is plain and simple. Eat natural and use natural solutions. This advice is not just limited to your skin care but also for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are very few products in the market which live up to the extraordinary claims that they make. I would suggest you all eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Go for organic stuff, they serve the purpose of chemical-free intake in the body. Drink lots of water, water is the single most powerful tool to get the lively skin. Most people you spot having beautiful and glowing skin, just ask them their daily consumption of water? I would not be surprised if they tell their daily consumption of water close to 4-7 liters. Therefore, I would stress on high water consumption.

Homemade skin care:

You are part of nature and therefore your skin reacts more quickly and effectively to natural solutions. However the disadvantages of using homemade solutions like fruit extract of papaya are not available throughout the year, it is a relatively tedious process, you have to use so many different ingredients, etc. Therefore the easy solution is to use a readymade product which is available at a store. However, because of competition and faster results, the industrial products now come with a chemical-intensive composition rather than the natural ingredients. Gone are good old days where you could blindly trust a product based on their written communication.


Are good skin care products available on the market?

However, there are still few products which are focused on the natural chemical free ingredients like Fairlook. I would recommend this product to people who are suffering from pimples, acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and tanning. This is straightforward Ayurvedic lotion which does not have any side effects. This is relatively short and is a one-time course of 3 months to get back to your original skin, a kind of detox for your skin. After you are done with the Fairlook course you need to take care and preserve your skin. I would suggest using the homemade solutions.

Hope this blog was helpful, I would be back with more informative blogs.

Stay happy and beautiful !!

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