Fairlook – A blessing in disguise

Hello Readers, I am Sweety, from Allahabad in UP. I am 21 years of age and currently in final year of my B. tech.  This blog is about my experience with Fairlook. As the name suggests, Fairlook is a fairness lotion but it is not just that, it is a complete skin lotion. I came across Fair look when my mother was concerned about the pimple growth on my face. I have a fair skin tone and even with one acne or a pimple just creates a red spot which looks very ugly. In my family marriages are done at a younger age than usual, especially girls are married at age of 21-22 years. I was not looking for marriage though because I wanted to be an IAS officer.

I wanted to quickly clear my CSAT exam and get ready for interviews. My academic performance was throughout been good but still, my families backward thinking was a roadblock towards my dream. My mother is very caring and she understood me but was helpless in front of elder family members. She suggested me that if you look your best you can easily reject the ordinary looking boys, meanwhile you will have time to clear the civil service exam. So, this way I came across the Idea to get fair and clear skin and I ordered Fair look.

Fairlook an Ayurvedic lotion:

Fairlook is an Ayurvedic lotion. It is made up of herbal extracts which are chemical free. Following are some of the ingredients of Fairlook:

  • Aloe vera
  • Haldi
  • Chandan
  • Yatimadhu
  • Gulab Phool
  • Lemon peel and other natural herbs.

Because of its natural ingredients, it has no side effects. It is a three months course and needs to be applied for 15 minutes twice a day with fresh tomato juice. Fairlook comes with affordable price and need not be repeated if followed course diligently. It is one stop solution for all skin related issues like tanning, blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, pimples & acne, etc.

Effects of Fairlook in my life:

As per directions by Fairlook’s expert team, I diligently followed the usage and in no time I found that Fairlook had helped my skin in more than one way. It firstly reduces my pimple and acne problem and it had also made my skin soft and glowing. These changes made me confident and positively affected my study as well. It was two weeks from my civil service finals and one of uncle’s friend came with a marriage proposal for his son, Sushant. He was decent looking and had a very good job in Delhi. I had less chance to reject him because he was fulfilling all criteria set by my family. I just frankly spoke to him about my aspirations and to my surprise, he was quite happy with my ambition. He was actually looking for a girl who is independent and not behind his salary. “I respect the ladies who stand for themselves and not dependent on their husband’s salary. What’s the use of your education if you are not applying it anywhere.”

I now have cleared my civil service finals a few days back and awaiting my interview call soon. I am getting engaged to Sushant on the promise that he will never stop me from realizing my dream. This way Fairlook had brought more than one good things in my life. Fairlook has been a blessing in disguise.

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