A Mate for Life

This is Sadhana’s experience of Fairlook. Sadhana had just finished her B.Ed from RIE, Bhubaneshwar. Fairlook changed Sadhana’s life for good.  “I am the most educated person in my village, My village is located in one of the remotest areas in Kandhamal region. We don’t have proper roads to travel by vehicle in my village.” Sadhana from a young age was sharp. She had quickly completed all her primary education in first go. She had to move on to a nearby town for her high school. “My high school days were tough. Town boys and girls used to bully me. My friends didn’t complete their high school by fear of such bullying.”

As Sadhana completed her 12th she now had to go to her dream college RIE. “Fast city life shocked me. I had never imagined the city to be this forward. All the girls in college seemed so confident. My confidence was lost watching them.” Kajol became Sadhana best friend and they shared everything. “Hey, Sadhana I know that you feel weaker in front of other girls, Please try this Fairlook cream, it’s completely herbal and will improve your skin tone.”

Fair look ayurvedic formula:

Sadhana’s decision to go for Fairlook product was affirmed because of its Ayurvedic content. The ingredients like Aloe vera, Haldi, Chandan, Yatimadhu and other natural herbs. It was 100% chemical free and same as a homemade product.

Coming from tribal background Sadhana was an environmental evangelist, she got inclined towards Fairlook as it was complementing her belief. Two weeks after using it she felt her skin getting lighter. It was not the sought as shown in TV advertisement of other fairness creams but the tone that suited her and made her glow.

Herbacure fair look forever:

Fairlook lotion was value for money as the benefits surpassed the price. Fairlook not only gives fair skin tone but also treats skin related concerns like acne, pigmentation, and blemishes. Sadhana was now looking more attractive and soon boys started to approach her.  This makeover from an unknown tribal girl to one of the wanted girls was an experience to cherish for Sadhana. She enjoyed the moment but did not get derailed from her objective. Fairlook had empowered Sadhana with one of the most important tools that every feminine must possess, and every male fall for. She found a mate in Fairlook that she will carry for life.

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