Anisha’s dilemma at Sanchal’s Engagement

It’s already April, Sanchal’s marriage is just fifty days away. Sanchal was about to get married to Anmol her long time boyfriend. Sanchal was 29, working in reputed MNC with Anmol. It had not gone unnoticed to Anisha that Sanchal had recently been looking fairer than usual, or was it that Anisha had got permanent tan. Anisha and Sanchal were confidante since childhood, they shared every aspect of life. They were considered as sisters than friends, not just by their companionship but also by looks and skin complexion. It was evident in Engagement ceremony that Sanchal had not became more fairer but Anisha had grown an unusual tan which was killing her confidence. She was desperate to improve her complexion, to her normal level and not to the extent that she had imagined.

Anisha was in big dilemma about how to go about for this target. Sanchal had good lifestyle, a very healthy air to breathe and very good diet. Anisha had not had such luxury, firstly her city was very polluted and her job demanded her to travel in daylight. It was not possible for Anisha to replicate Sanchals lifestyle, she wanted an affordable, side effect free solution which can be followed easily and could give Natural Glow. Unfortunately there are very limited products in market which can satisfy all needs at once. But there is a thing called destiny, Anisha saw one add on YouTube about Fair Look Cream, which promised the all the above benefits and could be trusted as the ingredients were all natural and derived from Ayurveda, and also there were expert team where everything could clarified with them about the product.

Anisha eagerly waiting for the next day, she was feeling extremely confident that she was catching eye of everyone during Haldi ceremony, she had increased her color tone drastically within last two months. Himanshu who was here from LA, to attend the ceremony had just asked her out for date. Things are looking very bright for these two. Anisha was thinking of the day when she had ordered Fair Look, 3 Months Subscription Pack, the skepticism she had about the claims, and was happy that she made the right choice.

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